Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photoshop and Illustrator are bosom friends of a Web developers and designers.

The Adobe’s two great tools are Photoshop and Illustrator in my opinion. Especially after I have used these tools for a web develop project. I had needed to have a new logo,some image based rounded shaped buttons with nice colors and fonts. In the past I had a very little knowledge on these two great tools. Being a web developer I thought these tools are mainly for graphic designers. I used to search at the Internet to get and download these elements (like rounded buttons, image logo’s, rounded shaped box e.g.) specially free versions and used those. But these elements were mismatching with the proposed web site’s color matching, font matching, shape of height and widths. And to code (CSS, HTML,...) on these elements to make right shapes takes a lengthy process and some time projects are delayed. Later on I had read some articles and books on web development related topics and they suggested to use some popular tools. I went to the path of their and the result is very much positive.

The conclusion is that web developers need not only have experience on HTML/XHTML, CSS, Client script( JavaScript and helping tool like AJAX,JQuery/Prototype,..) , one of the Server script (Asp .Net/Php/Ruby on rails/Groovy/Perl/...) are not enough, to be a real master they need to be a web designer also. And for that become a good friend of Photoshop, Illustrator like these tools.

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